John & Frances Wedding
Listen to hear our song. I put this song on when I asked Frances to marry me atop a mountain overlooking Temecula Valley with a full moon shining (the moon was luck....I didn't plan that!). She was to open the last large easter egg of 30 she had opened throughout the day, each with a little surprise it it. No surprise was bigger than a ring! It helped make the moment even more romantic.

Date:    November 14th, 1998

Time:    2:00 P.M.
Where:  St. Catherine Catholic Church
Reception:   Temecula Comm. Center

The Church


This is the inside of the Catholic Church that Frances and I are to
be married in. It is very nice. Tall ceilings, very clean and modern.

   The Outside

Click the picture for directions to the Church.

We reserved the Temecula Community Center hall for our reception. It is a very nice place and only two miles from the church. The reception will immediately follow the wedding.  Click here to read "The Art of Marriage" . It is a small passage that I received from my best friend Julie. Frances does not like it because she thinks it is too mushy. Oh well, you might like it.