Temecula Community Center 
The search for a reception hall was really starting to look bad. I called several places in the Temecula/Murrieta area and they were all "ranch style" places that were at least $2000 and up.
The Temecula Community Center was my last call! This place is great, and all for a fee around $400 for 7 hours of use!!! Again, we are really lucky!

Directions to the Temecula Community Center.
From the Church make a left on Santiago. Turn left on Ynez. Make a right on Rancho Vista Rd and follow for about a mile. You will see baseball fields and a waterslide on the right. Turn in where the big building is.

Frances and I are not very comfortable with the "traditional" themes of receptions. Therefore, we decided to break out and go for something unconventional and unique. We plan on decorating the reception hall with in a rainforest theme. This is a painting of what it may look like.


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