Ty's 1st Day in the World
December 10, 2002




Ty's Birth Story

Welcome the last addition to our family, Ty Jay  Rose! We chose Jay as his middle name in honor of my best friend Julie, who passed away February 14th, 2002. 

Ty's birth was planned. No surprises here. We knew exactly when he was coming. It was nice to be able to plan ahead, but in a way having a planned c-section kinda ruins the fun. Frances and I were calm the day of the surgery. We took Luke to Cindi's, the babysitter, and casually drove to the hospital.

The C-section was planned for 8:00 A.M., but there was an emergency c-section that had to be done so they said we were going to be delayed at least an hour. At 8:30 Frances doctor decided to use a different operating room so we were on our way. They took Frances in and started prepping her and at the same time I got dressed in those ultra cool scrubs. This was the worst time for me. I stood outside the operating room for at least 25 minutes with nothing to do except think. And of course this is when your mind starts in with everything that could go wrong. I was really scared that something was going to happen to Frances. I don't remember thinking this when Luke was born, probably because his c-section was unplanned.

Anyway, they finally let me in and I sat at France's head. The screen between Frances and the doctors was really low this time so I got to watch everything! Cool! I did not get to see them cut her open, but I did get to see when they cut the amniotic sac. It was like a flash flood! Very quickly after that, they pulled him out. He was a beautiful site. Perfect round head and good coloring. Born at 9:01 A.M., December 10th, 2002.

Frances pulled out of the surgery like a trooper. It was as if she went in to have a hang nail fixed. It amazes me how strong she is.

Brother Luke got to meet his brother later that day. It was fun. Auntie Anne went to pick him up from Cindi's. Luke (23 months) acted like a great big brother. When asked if he wanted to hold the baby, he very promptly said "yah" and flopped himself down on the bed. Ty was laid in his lap and he stared at him lovingly, then reached out with his little hand and very gently patted Ty on the head, said "BEBY" loudly, then politely pushed him away so he could get up and play. It was brief but sweet!




Ty's Embrologic Development

7 wks  
1st Ultrasound
May20th, 2002

10 wks
 Ultrasound July 19, 2000

20 wks 
3D Ultrasound
Sept 23, 2000

6 weeks

8 weeks

11 weeks
Did you know that at 2 months the baby has become sensitive and responds to touch. All five major areas of the adult brain are present. Brain functioning, as measured by EEG waves, has been recorded as early as 6 weeks. The baby is about 2 1/2 inches long and about 3/4 oz.  It is very expressive, wrinkling its forehead, turning its head and opening and closing its tiny lips.

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